Big Picture

I was in a hallway of bedrooms. There was a space between the rooms with pictures of the girl (swimmers?) the room belonged to. One such blonde girl brought in a picture that almost covered 3/4 of the wall. I was thinking that perhaps it might’ve been awkward when she first brought it in, but now it had been there for a while, and was now seen as normal.

There was a young teenage girl (14, 15), and her younger sister, about 7 – 8, swimming in a pool, and they decided to get up and go to another (don’t remember reason). When they got to the other, they sat on a bench with other girls instead of getting in.  They were already in their swimsuits, but didn’t want to seem like they were getting in because of the others that were already in the pool.

They finally decide to go home. There is a bathroom, and the toilet, instead of being up against the wall, is almost in the middle, between the walls. Ali had gone in the toilet, and not flushed it. What I saw looked to be a single line of corned beef hash inside the toilet.  I flushed the toilet, but instead of flushing, the toilet flooded, as if it needed to be plunged, with water getting all over the floor. At this point, the mother of the two young swimmers, was inside the tub that was next (with a small space between) to the toilet. The girls had come in, and the mother was telling them how to cook dinner. The youngest girl had defecated in her swimsuit, and wasn’t saying anything about it. I knew she had done this, because I had also gone in my pants, and knew there was a connection between her and me.


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