Hanging Around

(These couple were before I actually fell asleep.)

I saw a Victorian, or perhaps Middle Ages, bedroom, and thought, I need to pin that. šŸ™‚

I’m on top of a green mountain, wind blowing my hair back. I look behind me, and there are people climbing stairs to where I am. I have a sense I am their leader / guide, waiting for them to see the view. There are also some who are walking to the left (when looking down) of the stairs. A woman with shoulder -length hair is in front. A tall thin man is in front of the people on the stairs. They are almost to where I am.

“I” am at a Ā table, back in the Middle Ages. A man in front, to my left side, has a goblin of wine, and having a grand time, lifting up his cup. He may be at the beginnings of being drunk.

“I” am on the back of a horse with a man. He is about to take me somewhere.

“I” am in the woods on a dark night. I am carrying (a bowl?), as if I’m about to do a ritual.

(These are when asleep.)

I’m in what looks like a wash, with rocks in the sides (at an angle, instead of straight). There are no fences, or barriers to get down there. Water starts coming forward, as if a tide is coming in. I walk forward to get out of the way. The water comes further in, so I get on top of the sides.

I am adamantly telling my sisters that it isn’t the circumstances that make one’s life, but it is the person’s thoughts. They look at me like I’m crazy. I attempt to pick up a dresser drawer, but am having trouble because of my left shoulder, and the drawer feels heavy. I finally lift it, and it comes apart as I set it in front of my sisters.

I take a bunch of (what look to be) expensive party clothes (some are shiny, or have shine to them) that are on hangers, and try to put them all on a hook. Of course, they don’t all fit. Some of the clothes are coming off the hangers, and there are wire hangers, with nothing on them, that I take out of the bunch.


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