(I was woken up, so it’s a bit sketchy.)

There was a flood in the backyard, between waist and chest high. There were several different kinds of cats, some taking their time and enjoying the water. It was easy to move around.

There is a young man and woman, enjoying each other’s company, sitting at a table on the side of the road, with a park below them. They are there to assist those who are having financial troubles with their homes. No one is paying attention to these two, and are ignoring these two so they don’t have to face their dilemma’s.

My dad goes to a certain area in the yard to get ?, and after getting, rushes to take them ?, rushing down several stairs / steps in the process. I ask my mom if he’s healthy enough to do this. (He has slowly been losing muscle strength, though he still has some, and his kidneys were shutting down to where he is now doing dialysis.)

A woman is frustrated at her two young children, a boy and girl. The boy, while getting dressed , forgot to put something on. I go over to her, and remind her that they are children, and to see them as God sees them.


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