Split open

I saw a lady, about the same age as me, and chubby, sitting, and using an inhaler (I don’t use). She was happy, and joyful. As I was looking at her, I was shocked, and amazed, that I had come out of her, and that she had nursed me.

I saw an area on my right forearm near the inside of my elbow that I wanted to squeeze. As I did so, a little bit of stuff came out, but then I felt more stuff that had gathered under my skin that I needed to squeeze out. As I did so, a bunch of watery puss stuff came out. After that came out, in that same area where I was squeezing, the layers of skin split open. This scared me, and I went to show my mom. She wasn’t concerned, and was about to look inside, under the skin, when I awoke.


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