(There was a lot going on, and it isn’t as vivid, so I’m doing my best.)

I saw a line of people waiting to get into school / class. I was sitting on a curb next to where they were. There was a guy from the Middle East (or at least his parents were) in a wheelchair looking for a way to get up on the sidewalk where these people were. I showed him where he could go up, and that section was painted yellow with “bubbles” I’ve seen some businesses have.

I was in a class with Greg, but I was not part of the class. I mentioned to him that I had been there from the beginning, and for some reason, would ask him every once in a while if he was part of this class. Each time he would answer yes without getting emotional about me continuing to ask. I think I kept asking just to make sure.

Outside, I saw a futuristic luxury sports car jet into space. I didn’t think anything of it, since it was seen as normal.

There was an LDS Institute of Religion across the street from the school, and Judy, Amy, and my mom came over to it because there was a Samoan themed activity going on. They were dressed in muumuu’s, white background with somewhat colorful flowers.  For some reason, they had brought the bus, instead of Judy driving.

I had some fingernail clippings, and I was having fun with them,tossing them into a small trash can. A guy next to me saw me doing this, and got one of his big toe nails, and started doing the same.

My cousin Sara was pregnant. She was around other people. She is in a building across the way. The door is open, and she is walking around, actively involved with whatever is going on.


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