Filled In

The neighbor on the left had taken out the pool, and filled it in. Later in the dream, he had taken the dirt back out, and I saw the hole was about half the size of his pool, in a circle shape, looking like half of a vintage metal spinning top.

There was a building with different activities going on in the different sections. In one section, the different rooms were showing pornos.

There was a baby (1 year?) lying on some cushions wanting to sleep, but kept moving around, and couldn’t get comfortable.

There was a short fence between the backyard, and the land beyond, which was also part of the backyard (In waking life, there are neighbors back there, but in the dream, there was no indication of any neighbors being there). There was a kitten, two different small birds (with long tails that had white stripes), and a macaque. They were friends, and were walking along this fence. I had my camera, and wanted to get a “perfect” shot. I did get a couple, but not as great as I had hoped for. 

The neighbor hahas now changed position so that his house is now behind us. He is outside, speaking harshly to a kitten that had stepped onto his yard. I went over to him, and confronted him. He was sheepishly quiet. I picked up the kitten, and there were tranquilizer’s (looked like pop up timers that are stuck in turkeys to see when they are done). Two above each leg, on either side of the tail.


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