Don’t Come Around

There was a big room, much like where an indoor community pool would be, and it was my job to clean the restroom stalls (which were there in that same room). In the past I had only swept the floors (it’s a wonder I hadn’t been fired), but this time I noticed a bunch of dust, and perhaps some cobwebs mixed in, on the stall walls, so I used a broom to sweep it down. There were other people there with me, perhaps waiting for me to finish my job?

I was in the backyard with a group of females, of different ages, for a party. I think some were blonde Russians. My (paternal) cousin Julie was there, as was my mom. We were waiting for the food on the BBQ to finish cooking. There were hot dogs, steaks, etc. They were taking a long time. There were some hot dogs already done on the table. When I asked about eating those, the answer given was that the people were waiting for the rest of the food that was on the BBQ. While waiting, there was a pool that a couple of the people decided to get in. I either looked away, or went away, and when I either looked back, or came back, everybody else was in the pool, and using inflatable tubes (like the black ones used for snow). The table, and food were also in the pool. As I was looking at this scene, it was as if I was a couple stories above them them, and I could only see black shapes of people. As I got closer to them, there were tons of roly polies on the ground, and I was trying not to step on them. There were only a few spots where I could place my feet.

I guess people had finished eating because some, including the Russian girls, left while some stayed to listen to a lady talk about, what?, and then watch a Christmas movie. I went to one of the exterior doors which were actually short saloon doors, so that you could see inside, there being a lit hallway. I made a comment about them, to my brother Steve, from when we were younger. The lock was a hook and eye lock, but the hook didn’t go in the eye. There were two hooks, one actually underneath the other (not two separate locks, like a clock), and I locked them both. I wondered how the air inside was able to be kept under control, and that no one tried to “break in”.

I was looking at a lingerie catalog, and the models were doing sexual poses with each other.

I woke up hearing Tom Petty singing “Don’t come around here no more. Hey! Whatever you’re looking for. Hey!” (You’re welcome šŸ™‚ )


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