I was in a house (my grandma’s?) with a bunch of my cousins. We were cleaning house. The floor was a linoleum that was coming apart, so we got rid of it. A baby then slid across on it’s stomach. There were several huge oblong buckets with soapy water to clean the different things in the house. Some of my cousins were “hiding” in the water also. I went to open the blinds, and in doing so, saw that it wasn’t blinds, but a long curtain.

There was a kitten outside, and would grab the autumn leaves off the tree to play with. I commented to my cousins how cute the kitten was.

I was naked giving Kyle a bath, realizing that after I scrape off ?, he didn’t smell. The door was open, and someone sitting in the other room. I didn’t care much whether they saw me, or not.


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