The Attack

Ali and I were living in a small apartment that had the feel of a motel. It was white inside. There was a small hill outside the front door, with tall palm trees lined up on the edge of the hill, and there may have been water on the other side of the trees. It reminded me of Florida.

There were tribal invaders in the neighborhood, coming from a country with a dictator. They were killing the big cats for their markings, and having skinning them, acted as if given a trophy. I was saddened at this, not knowing what to do to stop them. I kept telling Ali that they can’t do this here in the states.

One of the guys killed, and skinned a cat in the front of our place, and held up the skin with glee, showing it off. I didn’t actually see the killing, and him skinning.

It turned into Halloween, and these guys, and some young (teenage), put on some camouflage military uniforms. They then had bow and arrows, and were pointing them at the people outside. The people weren’t scared, but went with the flow.

There was a lady with a Bronco(?) vehicle with the back filled with kittens, and small alien looking animals. I could see only the tops of their heads. They had big eyes, almost like cyclops. Some were looking at me, not scared, but wondering what was going to happen to them. As this lady drove off, I thought there might be a possibility of them being attacked on the way out.

Ali, and I, had a couch by the front door in a position to push it out the door, with the back on the left. We were sitting on the couch, I was closest to the door, with a white cat sitting next to Ali.

The tribal guys then started shooting the arrows at the people outside, and shot Ali just below his right knee. It wasn’t too deep, but deep enough. I wanted to break off the point, but Ali went into the bathroom to take care of it himself.

I then went to close the door, thinking they wouldn’t (be able to) kill me. After I closed, and dead bolted the door, I saw a space between the door, and wall big enough for a man to put his arm through. The space was black.

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