Come Inside

I was told that a certain guy would be perfect for me. When I first saw him, I saw his back, with him walking away from me, and being whiny with his mom. I went over to him, and asked him questions to help him understand hers, and his character. He started to calm down.

This guy turns into a small dragon animal. (Small somewhat like the picture of a “baby” dragon on someone’s fingers, but a bit bigger than that.) He starts biting my right pointer finger, and I ask him why he is he doing that when I haven’t done anything to him. He stops.

He, and I, are in a house. I am lying in bed, watching tv (didn’t see the tv). I have a kitten with me. Still as a dragon, feeling unworthy, this guy is down at my feet. I tell him he can come up to my shoulders, which he does.

He then turns back into human, but is short, about to my waist(?). We are at a park for some event that was happening. I see an Asian family with three young daughters about 7 – 10 years old. The mother is pregnant again. I imagine what it would feel like, and kinda get the feeling, or did I become pregnant?

I am inside by the front doors of an empty, where I am, social services building. I am cleaning the floors. There is some red candy that I scrape off, then I sweep. This guy comes up to an open (regular) window where a lady worker is sitting. He comes to talk to her, and she says for him to come inside to talk.

I leave, barefoot, with it raining outside. I am walking, and don’t seem to be too bothered by not having shoes, though I am conscious of the fact. I come to an intersection (there are several other people as well), and can go either straight, or to the right.

At some time, I was talking to this guy about buying school supplies for the coming school year for (my daughter?). He has a daughter of his own, so I knew he would understand.

Your Thoughts

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