I was told that the Christmas tree was a symbol for birth. (Do you see a connection between the two?)

I was inside in a two story house looking outside down at the driveway. There are two people, man and woman, who drove luxury cars, down there. They walk around the house for a reason, but not sure why. The man starts to leave first, but as he starts to back up, a car comes up behind him. A woman gets out of the passenger side (her husband is the driver), and starts taking pictures of the car.

She gets inside the house, and grabs an empty shopping bag (Burlington Coat Factory?) that has been put away for recycling. As she is leaving, I yell, “Hey!” to her, and as she runs out, I have my camera, and take pictures of her, and the license plate of the car she came in.

(This is where it gets a bit weird. I’ll do my best in describing it.)

Ali has taken a lot of the furniture, and other things, out of the front room to outside. The room is now empty, from what I see. Outside, a woman starts to take a (4 drawer ?) tall, dark wood, dresser with the drawers slightly crooked. I go after it, and take it back. The other pieces of furniture are broken down a bit.

Ali has the front door open, and he’s playing his recorded music a bit loud. One of his female students is over.

Ali has put some boards up around the front of the house, but they are movable to be able to get through. He isn’t paying attention to me. My sister Micalanne is over, trying to help me with the situation.

I see Ali in the front room, sleeping on ?, and as I look around, I’m thinking we’ll have to start over and buy new things.

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