I was supposed to work the night shift, but my body was too tired to move, so i stayed in bed.

I was in the bathroom looking at myself in a full length mirror. My face, and arms were sunburned. They had calmed down from the stinging feeling.  My arms were slightly stiff. There was a piece of skin left on my nose to be peeled off. My hair was long (about bra strap length) with Betty Page type bangs. My facial features looked more richer and refined.

People needed to look up my name on a website, or it would go away. Others, who had lots of charisma, had tons of people looking, whereas my name was being visited slowly.

My niece Bethany was shirtless, and flat chested, and wearing shorts. She had a scraggle of hair on her face, some on her chest, and I think some on her arms. She was talking to me, and I wanted to ask her if she had turned lesbian, but didn’t want to interrupt her.

My twin nieces were waiting for a goth guy who wore black makeup.

My aunt Barbie was using her own toilet she had brought (like a training toilet), and was talking with the family members who were there with her. The toilets were in an open space, with no walls between. She thought she was finished, but when she was about to leave, felt she had to go again. She was sitting next to another toilet she could’ve used that looked somewhat like a latrine toilet.


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