My body was still tired, and sluggish, but when a lady was telling me it was time to get up, I relented and got up.

I was at someone’s house whose backyard backed into the woods. The house had a pass through driveway that went between sections of the house. I was in the section on the right, the family / play room, with some boys (who lived there) who were playing around. In the backyard were several reindeer, and other big (but not quite as big) animals passing through. It was green and plush back there. They, or at least one of the reindeer, saw us. One of them came over to the pass through and was attempting, using the horns, to break through the glass of the door, but was not able to. I was right there on the other side. I didn’t feel a sense of danger were it to come through. I noticed how big, and massive the animal was, horns and all.

One of the older boys took a black watch away from a younger boy because the watch was turning the younger boy into a zombie (can’t remember actual word used, but similar to this). The older boy kept putting the watch up to my ear for me to hear the ticking. Sometimes I could, sometimes I couldn’t but didn’t let him know.

I was in the backseat of a stationary new Volvo looking at the entertainment system in the middle of the seat(s).

There was a car that drove over two sections of a wall(?).

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