I stopped at a small store off the highway, asking three older men directions. (I believe it had been snowing, and possibly there was a storm, and I had stopped during the middle of the storm. I am not quite positively sure on this, but this is what I am sensing.) I am holding a piece of paper with an amateurly drawn map of the area on it. The road I want is partially off the paper, up top. The men are showing me that even though on paper the distance may look long, it reality it is only a short distance. (If I had a dream earlier where I was told I was complete, why am I dreaming about directions?)

My parents (non waking life), and I are at an apartment (I’m sensing), apartment sitting. Packages / deliveries (roughly around 3? in total) for a person named Steven, who doesn’t live there, keep being delivered there, and my dad keeps accepting them. The last one, my dad is formally dressed, without the coat, when he accepts the package / delivery, and he gets upset about these being delivered (t)here. I say to him, “Why get upset over accepting deliveries / packages of a person who doesn’t live here?” (Does the wording of package / delivery matter?)

I walk outside, and across the street are single story buildings, as in a strip mall, all stuck together, with level roofs. There are no businesses there. The ones on the left are all painted blue. Top to bottom, and perhaps even on the roof. The buildings on the right are painted green in the same way. As if someone had taken huge cans of paint, and threw, dumped, what have you, at the buildings. In front of the green buildings, looking peripherally, I sense there are two old time gas station islands (like from back in the 50’s, or 60’s).

We are back home, and I have accidentally taken a blue plastic placemat, made with (designer, not round) holes, from the apartment. (I don’t use a placemat, but I do use a mat that I place under the food to neutralize the chemicals, and such that is in the food.) I had put some slices of chocolate cake on a plate, and my dad mentioned to me (kinda irritated) that I was eating too much.


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