Not For Sale

(From Nov. 23, 2013)

Compartmentalize my pictures (Am I being acknowledged that I already do, or am I to refine even more?)

(From Nov. 24, 2013)

I was in the foyer of church with an older woman (who still had spunk) who looked like my grandma Fessler (paternal), but she isn’t. I noticed some very nice looking lamps (the decor had changed from last time I was there, which had also been well done), blue and white chinoiserie, and wondered if I would be able to buy one. The woman said that the church never sells its things.

This woman is kneeling on a chair, teasingly looking at a black woman she knows , who is on the other side of the wall. The black woman is not looking back, but seems to be concentrating with her jaw / chin resting on her right hand.

I opened a white door, somewhat in the shape of a public restroom stall, and notice a black man sitting next to a child, teaching this child, so I close the door, and go back.

I was in a room, observing, with other people who were doing some activity. I noticed a lesbian there among them.

I started to walk across a parking lot to my car, which was hidden behind a wall to the left. As I started, a black lady in an older Buick, speedily reverses her car, with a banner attached to front to celebrate someone, clipping  the outside of the drivers headlight of a new Cadillac(?) behind her. As she did so, I thought to myself how typical it was of her to do that, needing to show off. The Cadillac had an indention to the left (when looking at the car) of the headlight, not damaging the light.

I was in a building with other people, and a couple of them, one of them a female (only seeing the female as she was the last), came up to me, patting me on the back, to thank me for advice I had given them. I thought it strange for them to do so, but said you’re welcome anyway.

(Ali’s Dream)

He was looking for his car. Black people were around. He prayed out loud for God to help him find the car. He woke up, realizing the car was here at home.

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