Big Weight

(From yesterday)

A tall man, close to 7 ft, if he isn’t already, weighing roughly around 600 pounds, walks out a door.

Me, and another girl, bleach our short hair (about jaw length). Mine is a shade of yellow, while hers is darker. I mention that I had used some bleach along with the product.

Kyle’s mom isn’t able to stay at the hospital, and is coming to stay with us. I’m doing something at the house while waiting (there’s a lot going on), but don’t remember what. His mom shows up, but I’m not able to meet her because of other people standing in front of her, and then I get pulled away. (She passed away before Kyle and I met, but I have seen pictures.)

Kim is sobbing because she is no longer able to be a guardian over a red pencil.


Your Thoughts

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