(From yesterday)

I was to sign and date papers for a bank, and to use the date of 6-31-12.

Mom had a (grey, or brown) guide dog that looked somewhat like a greyhound, but was almost paper-thin, not from malnourishment, but that’s how the structure of the dog was. Mom dies, and the dog goes to the back left corner of the garage, facing the back wall. I go over to it and bring it to be a part of the family.

There is what looks like a junkyard of stuff for people to buy in the backyard that my mom was in charge of. People are still coming to look (couple of people at a time), and I’m with ?, and ask if these people should still be coming.

I have shorts on, and pull pants (non-jean) on over to see how they fit. They fit pretty well.

I go to a game with Amy, bringing the dog along. Sara, George, Micalanne and the twins (Micalanne’s daughters) show up later. When they show up, Micalanne tells one of the twins to go get something to eat. I have the dog on a leash. The dog turns into an older woman, and goes to visit some people a couple rows down to the left. As she comes back up, she is holding some popcorn and something else. Amy is wearing a long sleeve shirt (like a man’s shirt), and has brought an extra one for me for when it gets cold. I realize this won’t be warm enough and walk to the house, which is practically next door, to get a coat.

I’m sitting next to an exterior window, seeing a golden retriever puppy that is being eaten by insects. The head is face up, but everything is gone but the skull (sides and back, as if it had been scooped out), and fur. The rest of the body is open, with guts showing, going down to about the bottom part of the stomach. The rest is still together. I think how sad it is for this to happen to the puppy.

Another golden retriever pup shows up next to the dead one, looks at, and goes over sticking it’s head where the head is, then bounds inside. Before coming inside, I mention, or ask, about someone grooming the dog because the fur was starting to look a bit scraggly. When it came inside, the fur was the normal wavy kind of way some of them have.

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