(From Nov. 29, 2013)

I had walked up to Raymond Burr, wearing a dark suit, standing in a lit side room that was up in front of another big room (conference size?), as he was in the middle of something (talking to someone? facing to the right), holding / having something in his hands, and asked him how he got started with Perry Mason. He started to answer, and I wanted to write it down. During this, as he was talking, in my mind, I knew he had passed away, and yet here he was. Because of concentrating on this fact (that he had passed away, and yet here he was), I didn’t hear what he said. He looked as he did in the early Perry Mason days.

Briana, and another woman, were walking on a boardwalk, away from me. They were wearing dresses with a big slit in the back showing half of each leg, and seemed to go up to their waists, and that I had missed noticing their butts showing. They both had chubby legs.

A man had put his head in a bowl of dry spinach. Another person asked Briana, who was standing alongside the guy with the spinach, if they could have the spinach. Briana responded, “After he’s had his head in it? Go ahead.”

I woke up with the song Champagne Supernova by Oasis in my head, with the word supernova repeating.

(From yesterday)

I was in the house looking out a window (it was to my right) seeing a field next to the house (guesstimating about the size of half a football field) with decent looking, white apartments on the other side. A lady who lived in those apartments had parked her car in the field right close to the house, and was putting for sale signs on the car, asking $7000 for it. She was wearing a white / cream, short sleeve, little bit sheer, blouse. The signs were orange and yellow. She was having a little bit of trouble taping the signs, and had a little bit of a frustrated look, but was able to manage. I called Ali over to come look. We were assuming she got fired from her job, was needing to move, and needed to sell her car.

Other neighbors on the street were moving as well. I didn’t quite see the houses, but the whole neighborhood was white (not the people, the scene in the dream).


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