Be Still

I was a local singer, who ended up filling up stadiums. One of the songs I sing is titled, “Be still. Call me.”

I was stung by a bee, and I took it in stride.

A woman, in a red Mercedes SUV, under control, quickly reversed the car to get a parking spot for an outdoor restaurant (or at least they had some tables that were outside). She is parked, and sitting at the table. I’m sensing that snow is involved as she is sitting.

In the distance I see a spire of an LDS temple (Salt Lake City?).

(From yesterday)

Forgetting I had quit the day prior, I returned to work because there was a test to be given. As I was in the middle of the test, I remembered that I had quit, and I then noticed that my female boss(?) was in the middle of completing reinstatement papers for me, hoping to finish and turned in, before the main office finished with my exit papers from quitting.


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