Hold On

(From earlier this year)

I was in a room with people and had to hold onto a horn of a unicorn (but a picture of one) in which I was surrounded by black with rainbow like colors. I then saw myself (but not my head) in this same room with these people.

(From either end of last year, or early this year)

I was in a mansion that was for sale on a landing that looked somewhat similar to this, but there were no carvings on the banister, just the spindles (?). There weren’t any windows, that I noticed, but instead, there was a closet in the middle. (I only noticed about 1 – 2 feet outwards on either side.) I was here with an older lady who was a Realtor. She was about in her late 50’s, early 60’s. As she was talking to me, I opened the closet. There stood a (wax?) figure, looking like a thinner version of me with long hair (about to small of back), a blouse(?), and skirt. The Realtor said the previous owner had passed away / died. This figure scared me so much I hurriedly shut the door.


(This is my 111th post. šŸ™‚ )


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