A blonde young woman is shirtless. She has breasts, but no nipples. She said she was born a boy, but her mom wanted a girl. I was thinking she was probably a hermaphrodite.

This same woman(?) was in a black luxury sporty car in a house (in the hallway?). She was wanting to drive out of the house, but I was in front stopping her.

(Ali’s dream from Nov. 8, 2013)

Ali was at an open space where there was food. He ate some, then went back for more. I started telling him to stop eating. There was pasta, greasy foods, tacos, etc. He wasn’t paying attention to me, and kept going back for more. I was getting upset at him, and kept telling him to stop eating, and told him it’s on the inside he needs to work on. I finally grabbed his arm so he couldn’t eat more. he was not getting upset at me, and finally got up, and left. I kept yelling after him.

(Ali’s dream from Nov. 9, 2013)

There was an earthquake, and he was looking for a place to hide.


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