I was in the backyard of the neighbor wading (about waist deep) in the water. There were wheat colored reeds, and some swans(?). He almost shot at me, not knowing what I was, but came out and saw it was me. He then invited me inside to eat some tamales he had just made. I was at the left corner (when outside looking at the house), attempting to look for a little uphill slope to get me out of the water without him noticing.

He told me his wife had been battling cancer (which in waking life I’ve heard is the case) since 2003. (I was seeing the left side / cheek of her face, but I was hearing that it was the right side.) The people at the hospital helping her were only getting paid $8 a month.

He was about to go somewhere when he saw me, and ended up staying instead. I was mentioning to him that his wife didn’t get the cancer because of anger, for she was a kind and sweet lady. I then said something about how I feel like she’s on the other side of my bedroom wall, when in fact she is / was. He had set his keys where they were in front of me.

We were watching a commercial about having an eave of a house being able to be unlocked, and able to swing(?) freely while someone stays on it. It showed a white house with a lady standing on the eave. After she unhooked it, and it went down, there was blackness underneath.

It was around 7 p.m. and he mentioned to me that I look tired, so why not take a nap. I didn’t want to because of the time, not wanting to take a nap so close to bed time. He had been singing 60’s music, for that is what he listens to in his Jeep.

Something about a silver convertible Cadillac, and not being able to get to it.


(Dec. 9, 2013 Ali made a comment about getting rid of the cancer between us. A connection?)


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