Empty frames

(From yesterday)

There were empty picture frames hanging on a Christmas tree. They were hanging to the left, the wrong way, toward me, so I turned them to hang to the right, the right way, away from me. The tree was for me.

Inside a storage container of a big rig, “1” & “2” wanted to be in the front half because the lives of the ones in the front half had already been lived. “3” & “4” were in the back with the second half. I told this to the man in charge. (I have no idea what the #’s represent.)

There were a group of military men, I’m sensing around WWII era, at a parking lot of either a park, or a rest area. They were wearing drab clothes. (If you’ve seen the movie South Pacific, you may have an idea, but these clothes didn’t necessarily have any color.) They were in line to be sprayed in the face to become blind. Of course, the men were then writhing in pain, with their hands covering their eyes. The leader of these men would then go around asking what it felt like to be blind. One of the men, who had already gone through, vehemently said that this needs to be stopped / something needs to be done. While in the dream, I was thinking that the leader needed to be sprayed so that he would know what it felt like, and so others would not be affected.

Two cars in the future (and you know cars in the future don’t use streets, but are up in the air / space šŸ™‚ ) are in a race. There is gold coloring on the cars, and on the city around them. The object of the race is to kill the other driver. I believe one of them did die.

Backyard of a house with stairs, and then a huge barrel (almost as tall as house) to the left of the stairs, with a pool in front of the barrel, at the end of the stairs (when looking from the right corner of backyard toward the house) being painted by a man for me. The barrel had a hand outstretched (as if to give a handshake). I asked the man if he could add blue violet butterflies that looked as though they were coming off of the barrel, and he said yes, not understanding why.

(From Dec. 12, 2013)

I was about to use a wire wastebasket as a toilet, but didn’t feel right about it because someone had put a white puppy in there, thinking it was dead. I got up and looked at the puppy, and noticed that there was still some movement, and said that it was still alive.

(From Dec. 11, 2013)

I had noticed (just as a fact) that a half black, half white, kitten was missing / gone.


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