I was an older teen with my brothers Greg and Steve (I think it was them). Steve was around 10. We went to an ocean, and decided to do some exploring underneath. We found some caves and decided to go in. We were not wearing any type of scuba gear. The further inside we got, we saw portions of a city here and there. I noticed some orange children toys (like the ones from the 70’s and 80’s) lying around that didn’t get picked up and put away. As we went along, some I noticed underneath a frosted floor.

There was a room we past with a table set up for a feast. We kept going, and in spots, had to watch our step because we were on ledges. I was thinking that the children who lived here are able to move around without falling because they grew up here.

At one point, Steve had caught a rope, and swung over some bubbling slimy green stuff. If he had fallen, the stuff would’ve killed him. Gratefully, he was able to get back over to us.

Around a corner, we saw another table set for a feast for a party. One of the ladies in charge of getting things set saw us. At first she thought about telling the others we were there, but decided against that. She mentioned that there were two ways for us to get where we were. 1) We started exploring and got caught inside (can’t remember exact words, but this is the jist of it), or 2) can’t remember what she said. She then told us that she had never been up to the surface. She had short curly dark auburn hair, and was a bit chubby. She wasn’t upset we were there, but was friendly. As she was talking, I noticed a light on the wall (everywhere had been lit up), and thought to myself that they must get electricity from the water. (Maybe this is why I don’t remember the second option.)

We moved on, and saw a girl, wearing a dark grey hoodie (without the hood), with her head on a chopping block. She didn’t seem scared.  We then saw her standing next to a full – length mirror, dressed in white, with red stuff all over her, to look like blood. She said it was part of a play.

I’m at a register to buy some chocolate, something like Nestle Crunch. Even though I have cash, I want to pay with a check. The lady at the cashier tells me that my check has the wrong numbers on it. I ask her if she needs a “regular” check, and she says yes. I then look through the copies (the white paper part) of checks I have, looking for an “R” to signify that it’s a “regular” check. I finally find one and give it to her. As she is entering the information, I notice checks under a sheet of glass on the counter from the different people who had been there. One of them at the edge close to me was from Rainbow Gryphon. She had signed it Real Barbie. I then thought that that must be her real name. During this time at the counter there was a tall man ( enough that I didn’t see his face) behind me, and then a lady next to him. As I was looking through the check copies, I said to let the others go while I search, and had moved a little to the side. The cashier said I was ok. The lady at the end I could feel getting a little anxious. I then thought that it was my turn at the register and they can wait.


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