Let the Music Play

There was a mountain / hill next to the house to the left (when in the backyard). There was a pathway going up and around this. Me, and a couple of others, noticed a bear cub up at the turn of the path. There was a rock on the left of the path that kinda camouflaged the cub. The cub eventually came out, and either I, or someone else, took a picture of it. Then some adult bears came out running down the path going past the house. Some of them were going slow enough that I noticed an orange tag on their bodies. I was thinking not to be afraid, remembering what Anastasia said about animals are here to help Man, and not to be scared of them. One of the bears jumped on the roof on their way. I also noticed a Wildebeest, which I think looked at me, a giraffe, which I think to stop for a bite to eat, and a sloth, which was not being slothful but instead jumped high and far as it was going along. I commented to myself about how high it had jumped.

Someone had left the porch door open to the house (I think my brother Steve), and some “animals” that walked like humans, and were hairy like Chewbacca, started to come inside. I started to shoo them out, telling them not to come in, which they then left. I then told (whoever had left the door open) to make sure the door is closed.

There was a short partition wall in / on the porch that was bending toward the house, and deteriorating. Some other parts of the porch were also starting to deteriorate.

I woke up with the song title “Let the Music Play” from singer Shannon.


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