Self – Esteem

(From Dec. 12, 2013)

I was to stay somewhere, for how long?, and brought some of my electronic equipment. A Mexican woman immediately took them, without asking, when I came in. Later in the day there was a group of Mexicans sitting around, watching their Spanish shows on t.v. using my equipment. My equipment died, and I wanted to explain that it dies a lot, but no one was bothered by it, and even weren’t paying attention so I didn’t say anything. When the equipment came back on, a “white” program was on , and at one point showed a woman (based in the 1800’s) cautiously about to get up in a horse carriage as if getting away from someone. I wanted to say that this show was / is a series, but again, they were not paying attention so again didn’t say anything.

One of the girls, sitting to my right, got up to get something. She was wearing a white dress with small different vibrantly colored flowers, that was knee length, had straps, and the back plunged down exposing half her back. On the hems were just enough of ruffles to notice them. I’m guessing the guy had said something to her about her demeanor because on her way back she commented that he had said for her to come with her self – esteem.

A thin blonde lady with hair about to her mid back, came to speak to me about something. As she was leaving, I wanted to say, “But what about the heels?” because of the height difference between me and Ali, but she was far enough away to where I would need to speak up some for her to hear me, so I decided not to say anything.

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