I was swatting a wasp away from me, and as I did so, the head stuck in the right side of my forehead (where the “corner” is). I starting crying about it because the thought of it being in my forehead was disgusting, and gross. I wanted to squeeze it out. I went over to ? to help get it out.

I saw two Russian girls (one a blonde, and the other a brunette) outside of a mall, during Winter, each holding several shopping bags. The entrances were enclosed so not to worry about being cold when entering. These girls were looking for a secret doorway to underground where their friends and family were. Once underground, there was an older woman, among the people, doing some paperwork saying it had to do with work, but when I looked at it, it looked like advanced mathematical solutions. Also, there was a bit of dirtiness in some parts of the place.


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