Time for Changing

Evening time. Family (including cousins) in car. Sara backs the car up to the house. The driveway is a little bit long, and is the type with two rows of concrete with grass growing between. I’m waiting for, and hoping she doesn’t, to drive over a kitten. She doesn’t. Jeri mentions a scene in a movie, consisting of two young men, saying that she like that part. I say to her, “Oh, you think you’re so smart”, in a sort of fun, teasing way. I am surprised, and pleased, that she watched the movie since I’m the one who suggested it to her. My bladder is full, and hurry out to use the restroom.

There is a family get together. Juli has a baby, and a toddler, who both need changing. I took the toddler, whose diaper was a bit loose and had enough of a mess to need a change, over to Juli to be changed and she got after me asking I hadn’t changed the baby. Jeri had been holding the baby, and had recently become weakened, and she wanted to change the baby so I asked her if she felt o.k. in doing it, and she said yes.

An older woman (in her 50’s, with short hair) that I knew (in the dream) had just gone into hospice, and was starting to lose her memory. She had wanted to stay in her home. Her bed was next to a big picture window. I was outside, doing whatever, and seeing she had awoke, when in to check on her. She said my name wanting to make sure she had it correct. I nodded yes. She was wearing a hospital gown, and I noticed she had messed herself, and that some of it had somehow gotten up on her chest between her breasts. It was green colored, and chunky. (Sorry, but I thought it could be important to note.) I called for a nurse to come out and clean her up.

About 4, or 5 men were performing where looked like a beach boardwalk setting. They were dressed as performers. It was evening time. They were entertaining the people around, using their hands, making characters out of their fingers, building a story. They were doing some small dance moves while doing this. Watching them didn’t interest me, so I tuned them out.

A group of us had balloons, that were also roses, that were going to be let go in honor / celebration of a man I had never heard of before. One of the leaders in charge of this, a man, was telling me about this man we were to honor, but I tuned him out because I was wondering how I could keep this rose, without anyone knowing, so that I could plant it in the ground.

Driving a car down a street on a bit of an incline, that was also a bit curvy. I let gravity take over, but had my foot resting on the brake, ready for when needed.

(As I’m waking) I’m at water drinking fountain, without the fountain, in I think snow. I look down and see a shadow using the left arm to lift a hat (like the men wore in the 40’s and 50’s) in acknowledgment to me.

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