For You

A family was going through their ancestry. As they were doing so, an invisible spirit, wearing a white gown / dress, and a cape(?, covers the shoulders and the top part of the back) popped up. She was standing across a street, and a bit to the right (when looking at her) where Ali and I were sitting at a table. There was no traffic. She started walking towards us and I teasingly said to Ali that she was coming for him. She walked like Marilyn Monroe, but accentuated. As she got closer, I thought it could be her. Instead of going to Ali, she came to me, and when she was standing in front of me next to the table, I had a hold of her left arm inside her elbow, and felt flesh. I had a fear she was going to scratch me. I then awoke. (Utah girl?)

I was driving my parent’s Kia Spectra, and was turning left through an awkward intersection. (It wasn’t an direct left, but more of a boomerang shape left.) In doing so, I bumped / hit a car that was either to the left side of me, or in front, so I pulled over and waited for the other car. They never showed, so I took off.

I think I told someone that “it” was their own perception, how they interpreted a situation.

Your Thoughts

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