A female student, with short blonde hair, who is taking an electives class to be a model, comes through the classroom I am in. I am in the back row. She is wearing royal blue clothes with a touch of purple in them. They look like flannel pj’s. Her shoes are a light purple type of loafer. She walks from the right side to the left. I’m thinking about the comparison of being in a line of models and having people look at you, and here she was by herself with some of the people looking at her. It is normal for a model student to just walk in, and through a classroom. As she is walking out the door, (even though I do like the clothes) I mention that I really like her shoes. She looks back at me, and waits for me for a couple seconds half expecting me to follow. The classroom is darkened in front as if it were a rainy day in England during the war, or a part of the stage not be lightened because action is elsewhere.

I am using a tablet to read, and attempting to magnify what is on the screen, but not being able to.

A woman (Mariah Carey ish) isn’t paying attention to her young daughter. The child starts acting out a bit so the woman takes the child into another room to behave. I want to speak up and say to the woman that if she had been paying attention to her daughter, she wouldn’t have acted up. I don’t speak because I’m sure whether I should, or not.

A young woman at work has three pumpkins. One is bigger than the others. She is carving an outline for later. She thinks she is being “evil” for carving goofy faces.

There was a flood in Mexico. I see a hillside with water below. I keep thinking, for some reason, that the flood happened next door to me, and not in Mexico. There are a couple people climbing up the hill. There is a small / tiny house on the side of the hill.

A Tibetan monk is standing at the bottom of a couple stairs leading into a church to greet people as they go in. (Is he here for support for the flood?) I notice a small tattoo by his left eye (not a teardrop), and some small ones on the insides of his wrists. He has his hands clasped together behind his back. I notice a white moth, a beetle, and some other insects crawling over his arms, but he doesn’t mind / pay attention to them. I think it odd for him to have the tattoos, but then realize that monks must see them as a work of art.

There are some dogs, outside standing in some puddles, having a meeting. I am there with them, but not part of the meeting. I decide to move to a different position for there are some (living?) things (or just autumn fallen leaves?) down at my feet kind of crowding them, and I am followed. There are two peaches there who want to be part of the action, so I move them so they can be.

One of the dogs, a black lab / retriever (My mom used to have one as a guide dog), I kiss on the nose. I’m seeing the backside under the tail (which is lifted up) and notice something drop into a “pouch” covering that area which will then fall down and out on the ground. I’m not sure if it was a worm, or some left over poop.

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