Groups of Pictures

I am putting some of my pictures in different groups on a website. The last two I decide not to. I’m thinking maybe because the groups were full? I get the feeling that one of the pictures was of a house.

(Ali’s Dream)

The police were stealing my expensive audio system looking for information because we were not giving them any. I caught them attempting to take, and I told them I was aware that they were doing this. I was going to go after them, and told them that they can’t take the system, and told them to leave, which they did.

(From Dec. 27, 2013)

Neighbors are yelling, and Ali goes outside and tells them to shut up. (Seems it was the Mexicans behind us. They don’t fight, that I’ve heard, but on Christmas Eve they had people over, and Ali said he heard yelling in their front yard.)

Your Thoughts

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