Third Eye

Tom Cruise and another taller, thinner guy with blondish hair, put their heads together. Someone had filmed that, and blended the two “inner” eyes to look like a third eye.

There was a guy outside, in the evening, smoking, leaning against the beginning of a wall(?). In front of him was a sidewalk going to the area behind him, which was dark. We heard a vehicle coming toward us (sounding a bit like an old VW Bug), with a bit of fear (at least for me), not knowing who it was, and why they were coming this way. As the sound got closer, we could see who it was. It wasn’t a vehicle, but another man pulling a wagon / cart of stuff.

There were long tables, with people sitting at them. A couple tables back from me was a guy who takes pictures of people. (I’m not sure if I was sitting, and if so, was I turned around, or was my chair facing him?) He took his camera out, and took a picture of me. I had a curious look on my face, and he said it was for him.

There were black workers cleaning some restrooms inside a building, and there was a hallway outside in the shape of an “L”, and the restrooms were at the bottom left angle of the “L”. They had poured a bit of a liquid cleaning solution on the floor, and were sliding around, having some fun doing their job. The lady in charge at first held back, thinking it wasn’t right, but soon joined the action.

I went into one of the restrooms, not to use it, saw a male and female worker cleaning inside, and left, not because of them. I believe I was looking for something, and not find it, left.

I woke up to the line “I’ll / He’ll be back again someday” from Frosty the Snowman.


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