Kyle was lying on his stomach on what looks to be a chaise. He was next to a woman, and his legs were cut off. He was awake for a bit, but then fell asleep.

There is a man, sitting, deep in thought. He seems to be “off”. he is wearing a dark grey sweater with what looks like a crocheted vest, which is on backwards because that’s how he wanted it. It is tied on top and bottom. The part in back looks like a spider’s web.

Two young girls (around 7, 8) are coloring in an activity room of an institution (when parents don’t want the child(ren) because of not being “normal”).  A woman, who works there, is at a double sink filling them, and a bucket, with water. She is talking to another woman while doing so, For some reason, and somehow, the lady filling the sinks and bucket, puts her head inside the bucket without the water spilling out.

Mark(?) and I work for a delivery service. The trucks are in a bullet shape, but not as pointy. They are white with blue stripes on top. We are somewhere, talking to someone, while on break. Our boss, or the person over us, is more serious, and gets after us to get a move on. In his rush, he hits another of the companies trucks. A woman comes out to assess the situation. The trucks are separated.

There is a red big rig that is driving up and down the street, making sure everything is working (because?). I am standing in the middle of the street, and the driver stops before hitting me.



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