A group of us were in Africa for a week(?). I didn’t think I took anything because I wasn’t sure / didn’t know we were going, but later you’ll see I did take one thing with me.

I was at a family’s (Ali’s?) house. There was a young male (16-18) who had a girlfriend and had gotten her pregnant. This day I was there the family found out that somehow she had scrapped the baby out. The family were relieved that this boy wouldn’t be a father at such a young age, and even though the family liked the girlfriend, he wouldn’t be attached to her in any way at this young age.

This boy, and a sister (roughly around the same age) were attempting to get something out (of?). They weren’t in the house, so I don’t know what. Eventually, someone gave them a toolbox I had brought, but by that time, they had accomplished what they were doing.

I was outside in the village, watching some beautiful teenage girls singing. They were in a line, horizontally. I noticed their nostrils were a bit wider than Ali’s. Also, I noticed that a couple of the girls looked like they could be from India. They were singing in perfect English, but a couple of the lines were in their language, and when they sang in their language, I saw subtitles.

There was a boy (2,3) singing (with the girls?), and was able to trill the r’s. I wanted to/ told someone that I’m always amazed when young children are able to do that.

I was by some people who were lying down to sleep. They were in a row of about 4 vertically, and a row of about 5 horizontally. I was standing by the middle person going vertically. Their “beds” were (on) the ground. They all had blankets, and even though they weren’t thin, they weren’t much thick either. Some of the blankets looked like they had patchwork, and some looked like sleeping bags.

My nephew, Zac, was playing around with his name on Facebook and changed his middle name to David (middle name of my Greg).


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