I was covered by a blanket, my dad was feeling around to see if I was under, and decided to sit without any care.

Grandma had decided she wanted to go up to Utah one last time to visit some of the family up there. (She was born in 1912, and I don’t know when the last time was she went.) When I heard this, I was a bit shocked.

She had decided she lived long enough, and was going to pass away the next day so the family got together. We went out to a fast food place, I ordered my food, but hadn’t paid, and when my food arrived, the family decided to go elsewhere. Was I going to leave this food behind, and order at the other place, or was I going to take this food with me? I decided to take it with me.

We were traveling on bikes, and I had grandma with me, sitting behind me. (She’s less than 5 ft.) I think I was in front of everyone, and when we got close to the other food place, one of the sidewalks didn’t have handicap access, so I had to go on the street. I stayed close to the sidewalk, cars were driving by, but I didn’t notice any drivers being bothered.

(Seems there was a young girl (8-10) in the family who also was going to pass away the next day.)


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