Come Back

Steve went dirt diving in a spot in a spot another guy with us had said was a good spot since he was using a device that senses “treasures” underground. I didn’t see any holes where Steve went down. When he came back up, and was about 1/2 foot – 1 foot from the surface he lost his breath. I got anxious, and told this other guy we needed to start digging him out. The first hole I made I saw the bottom of a shampoo bottle in his hand that looked like a Pantene bottle. After opening the hole up I kept shaking / jerking him, and telling him to come back, and asked this other guy if he knew CPR. This guy didn’t really respond, not caring. When I saw Steve was gone, I cried with gusto. (This dream woke me up.)

Judy and Zac (about 9 years old) were out dirt diving also. Zac had cleaned himself up after. I was standing behind them while they were sitting. Judy was using a towel to shield Zac while he was eating so that I couldn’t see him.

There were houses in a new community that were set up for electronic vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, but they had to be hidden to the side / back of the house.

Something about electronics, laptop, and plugging them in(?). Some parts were out?

Ali and I were at a grocery store. I was looking at the shelves on the left. A Mexican (?) man came next to us on the right to look at the shelves on the right. He had a baby in the cart. Ali had a piece of paper, and playfully put it on the baby’s face then would move it away. The father was enjoying the fact that Ali was enjoying the baby.

I was watching a movie with Holly Hunter. She had been at a work party, came home drunk carrying her shoes. The room was about the size of a master bedroom, bit of an oval shape, yellow walls. The couch was in the middle back by the wall with a closet storage (about the size of a medium size wall safe) to the left. A coffee table in front of the couch, and some light blueish glass pieces in front of the table. She walked around the table, not stepping on the glass (I was thinking it was a wonder she didn’t), then went to the closet and started taking out her stuff so she could leave and go on her own. Her husband came home and asked her what she was doing. They sat on the coffee table, and she started talking (wish I could remember. it was interesting.). She had a brownish blush on the “parentheses” area around her mouth, and I wondered what her husband saw in her with makeup like that.

Something about crystal clear crystals with rainbows shining through.

Woke up with the chorus of Semi Charmed Life by music group Third Eye Blind.


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