A little seedy

I was in a wooded area in the evening, and I was to “put to death” and intricately carved butchers knife (like the one in Beauty and the Beast) on the knife part itself, not the handle. I was curious as to why, so I asked. it had something to do with him suggesting an idea that involved money (had a feeling it was British money), and the people didn’t appreciate this suggestion. I took compassion on the knife, and decided to put him where he’s be safe leaning up against a wall somewhere.

I noticed a small area in a corner inside a mansion where there was a small one / two person bench up against the wall similar to those in a pizza parlor / restaurant. I believe there was a window on either side of the bench. This one was white / cream with some brown / tan coloring. There was a small circular table in front of it. I was thinking how I had seen this setup in other mansions as well for when the people wanted to get that feeling of being in a pizza place.

There was a small, petite, wealthy, well-mannered woman, holding her small fluffy white dog in a (fe)male doctors office (don’t remember, though I’m leaning more toward male) for some more pills. She had them, plus the ones she already had (which looked to be around 20 of them), laid out on a big calendar on the desk. The doctor was explaining what each pill was for, partly because she needs to know, and partly because she wants to be well-informed. Some of the information she wasn’t totally grasping, so decided to do some research when she got home. I was thinking that there were a lot of pills to take, but then remembered all the supplements that Suzanne Somers takes, and she still looks good.

This woman was holding her dog, walking on the sidewalk away from the doctor’s office. It was in the evening, and she was saying her goodbyes the doctor, which was a woman. The office was in a strip mall. The businesses didn’t look very wide, and I couldn’t tell where the doctor’s office was. There was a small parking lot in front (of the doors), and another strip mall on the other side. This area of town had the feeling that it was starting to become a bit seedy. Behind the doctor, I noticed the back-end of a white luxury car on a lift going into one of the businesses.

A wealthy man was whining about his car being stolen. (The one I noticed?) A woman had in her hand(s) some bundles of money. She threw some at him and told him to go get another one. (The money seemed to be British, but it was all green, like American money.)

A female doctor (same one?) went into her home / apt after work, in the evening. All the lights had been left on from when she had left earlier in the day. I figured since she was a doctor, she could afford it. This part of town had also recently started to become a bit seedy, and there had been talk of several killings around this area lately, and so I waited to hear her scream. She never did.

I was watching several African women (5?) outside dancing on a stage. They were wearing their country’s costume. The dress was similar to a muu-muu, but closer to the body, and no flowers. The women were also wearing on their head a “crown” / turban. The woman, next to the last on the right, had dark  / royal blue in her costume. I think a bold stripe running down on either side on the side, and front. I was (not) staring at her, mesmerized by her, and when I realized this, I looked away. I then asked Ali (didn’t see him) why the majority of African music comes from Kenya and Nigeria, or rather, from only a couple of countries.


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