A man, with a head bigger than mine (think football player), put his left cheek against my right. I didn’t pull away, neither did he. I could feel his stubble. I figured maybe his was hiding my short hairs.

He was touching my face with his hands, and I still didn’t pull away, and neither did he. For some reason, I had a couple of patches up by my hairline.

I was putting on a lot of foundation, that had thickened, without using a mirror. My face felt dry, and it felt like the foundation had a cakey feeling to it. I went into a restroom to check it out, and fix it if needed. The mirrors were above each of the sinks, there were about 4, and were rectangular and about 4 foot tall. They were distorted / warped with only a sliver of usable space, but that was big enough for me to be able to see. Somehow I knew, sensed that my face looked fine.

I had some sweets on a white rectangular table, and someone had moved the table. I was asking where the table had been moved to because those sweets were mine. Either someone brought out the table, or I found it, and I grabbed my sweets from off the table. (They looked like the crepe wafers sticks that you can put in your drinks.)


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