A computer program / tool / software, that I hadn’t heard of before, to clean up the look of pictures. I saw a picture with a nature scene, and in front of it on the left side, the back end of a car.This was the “before”. The “after” had the car taken out, showing a path leading up to / through some tall trees. The picture had a bluish colored tint to it, with some “twinkly” / sparkly look to it, like when the sun hits water.

The family had gathered, including some Utah family, to go to Lorelei’s (niece) wedding in Arizona (already happened). Sam (8? 9?), my brother’s son, ran off because he perceived that there were wild, dangerous animals (wolves?) here like there were back at his old home in Arizona. (My brother recently moved back to Cali from Arizona.) There weren’t any of those animals here. I didn’t see, but perceived that the family went looking for him.

Lorelei had sent some maps, with the block where it was to be, to get to the wedding. Most of the family were still attempting to figure the map out instead of actually going. There was a feeling of chaos in the air. I had drawn it on another piece of paper. There was an arrow pointing to the bottom left corner. I had also written a speed limit (not to drive faster than) on the bottom of the paper, as if I was looking at it upside down. My cousin Jana, and another, crossed out the speed limit, and put a faster speed. I said I wrote the slower speed because that was what Lorelei had sent. I then thought that these cousins should know what speed to put since they were from Utah, and I had never been. (I have been to Utah twice actually. Once as a young teen when my family went up to visit family, and another when I was in Provo for a month at the M.T. C.)

There were tons of storage containers(?), nice, dark wood furniture(?), and chairs(?) all over a certain part of the living room , in front of the front door, up to the ceiling. They were blocking any movement. I was already inside, on the other side. I was giving someone (mom?) some decorative(?) scotch tape. Someone came in, and I asked her how she was able to come in. I’m thinking these were for Lorelei for after she got married.

The front door was a double door where the left side closed in first, then the right side closed, overlapping the left with a piece of metal strip. They locked by sticking an iron piece into the floor, and ceiling. This time, for some reason, they were open and not able to close. I came over to give it a go. I was able to close, and lock, but scrapped the floor in doing so.

My mom was storing some of my uncle David’s stuff. (He passed a couple years ago from a disease. My dad’s younger brother, with a family of 8 children.)

There was a small concrete “porch” in front with a couple steps leading up to it where the door was. There were some lily’s(?) beside the steps on the right side that were a bluish color, almost a purple. I grabbed one to give to my brother (father of Lorelei), just because, and I hadn’t epilated my arms yet. Some of the hairs were dark, and looked a bit coarse (they aren’t). There was a good looking guy sitting in a chair on the “porch” watching me, smiling at me. I was worried about my hairs at first that he would see and think my arm’s looked like a man’s. This didn’t stop me though. I kept on. Whether he noticed, or not, he kept smiling.


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