(I’ll do my best.)

I was walking along a sidewalk path with sculptures to the left (only?) side. Seems there may have been an older couple walking toward me, enjoying their walk. I had walked this path many times before, but this time, the sculptures gave the place a creepy feeling.

A happy puppy nodded its head after being asked a question.

A daddy long leg looking spider, almost cartoonish, with an orangey body walking along, and either I, or someone else, kicking it til the body exploded.

Mom wants me to take / steal something from a store, and I keep telling her no. It was something flat.

I’m in a white hallway of a workplace where some offices are. I’m sitting near the back (walking from right to left), waiting for a woman, who is talking with another woman, to tell me what’s up next. These woman’s doors to their offices keep opening and closing. They are both speaking accentuatedly. I get up to leave, not wanting to wait anymore, but this lady stops me somehow (motioning?, saying something?)

There is an office in front of where I am sitting and I know there is a man in there, but don’t hear anything. After a while, he opens his door.


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