Not appealing

(Before falling asleep, I had said I would remember vivid details of my dreams, but this is what I got.)

I was in a Mexican restaurant, on a date, and couldn’t decided what to order. I was having a good time being there. I was only to order from the cheaper / less expensive choices, because that’s what he wanted. I kept going over the choices. Though the foods were good, non of them were appealing to me this time. The waiter started coming over so I told him to go ahead and order since I knew he had to get back to work. (Situation is, there’s a young Mexican neighbor who is disrespectful of the neighbors. My boyfriend has given me several choices of how to live with this. None of the choices given appeal to me. He is capable of spending money, but doesn’t want to.)

I saw others on the road driving to classes. I was also on the street.

There was a black family, of females, who had a dance studio in back of their house. I don’t know why I was there with them, but we were having a good time. I was stunned when I saw the studio. It was in the shape of a backwards “L” where you walk in at the top of the “L”.

I was watching a movie about a “King Kong” terrorizing a Medieval city. A female soldier ran toward the screen. Her white horse came after, but wasn’t moving well, and wasn’t walking straight. There was a huge slash across the top of the back left leg. I started crying knowing the horse would have to be put down, and wishing this happened in our day instead.

Dating an older man with leg braces. He was frustrated at his ex because she wouldn’t help him because of his situation. He couldn’t get any better without her help. We were sitting (at a restaurant?), he’s a couple spaces away from me on the left side, but then comes in close to me. He starts putting his hand down my shirt, then my pants figuring he’s allowed since we’re a couple. I don’t notice / feel his hand til it’s in my pants. I quickly take it out, and tell him not to do that again.

Ocean…Jesse(his name? from Sam Ash in Ontario Mills, Ca)…..I place a stool / chair at the bottom of the ocean….hippo(?)…map(?) I am to remember what is on there


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