I was on a board, naked / nude, floating, controlling where I was going, without a care in the world. I flew over Travis, bent down to pick something up(?), and realizing I was showing my butt to him, I shook it a couple of times. I thought to myself he probably wishes that he was with me as a couple. (Actually, he did ask me out in jr. high, but I didn’t think he was serious.) I had to stop and come down after a while because of what was happening to some birds.

I had gotten my second mission call, was on a plane ready to go, but hadn’t brought anything with me. I was looking out the window at some colorful small engine planes. Two were landing as I was looking out. We were at Flabob airport. The other planes were on a grassy area. I was noticing the size difference between the jumbo jet, and the smaller planes. As I was watching / looking, Kris (from when I worked at D.I.) came over and told me that they want me to go and buy some clothes. I then thought that must mean I am to stay and be with Ali.

The female pilot was looking at a paper she had unfolded, like how some maps do, and was talking to someone.

There was a girl who looked like Susan (from U.Q. Sunnymead), but it wasn’t her. She was a bit heavier than Susan. She started acting up / out, and some women came over to calm her down.

(Ali’s dream from yesterday)

We were among tons of people, as participants, waiting for a marathon to start. I was anxiously waiting to get started, looking at my colorful clothes and shoes that had red and yellow in them. After we got started there were some grassy patches that were bumpy / rocky that others had a difficult time getting across, but Ali and I had no problem. I was a step in front of him, and would sometimes engage my “extra gear” to go faster. I would sometimes look back at him, indicating for him to catch up. Sometimes I would slow down and wait for him to catch up. I was not having a hard time, sometimes looking around. We kept passing people, catching up to the top 20. I mentioned that the finish line was up ahead. We finished in the top 5. As we were running, Ali was noticing my long arms, my ponytail swinging back and forth, power and strength in my long legs. I was trim and healthy. After we crossed the finish line, people came over to congratulate us, commenting to me about my clothes.