Music of the Night

Midsummer Night’s Dream (heard these words)

Amy went somewhere with some Mexican men to get something, and the family wasn’t happy about that.

City decided to chop a tall tree that was bare (because of season), and the limbs were already chopped off. The top of the tree was chopped off, and the people were excited because a decision had finally been made as to what to do with the tree. I was saddened because I thought chopping it made it look ugly.

(From Jan. 13, 2014)

My family was visiting other family. Dad drove a VW bus we used to have. He also brought several other cars, and a jet. There are other people there I don’t know. A girl there changes three times during the day, each time going off somewhere. My uncle Mickey is sitting outside in a chair with his arms loosely crossed. I go up to him and give him a friendly slap on his elbows. He notices a positive change in me and asks me about it. I tell him I’ve been working on myself for the past several years. As my family gets ready to leave, I help clean up, and take stuff out to the bus. After doing so, a guy tells me I’m too pretty to be doing stuff like that. I ask the girl who kept changing why she did so. I was thinking she reminded me of my twin cousins who would always change clothes. She hands me a black bag (not a purse, but a bag in the shape of a bottle bag), and I take it to carry it for her to her car. Someone asks me why I took it, and I said it was because I chose to. Going outside, I perceive the family is in the bus and ready to go. The other cars are gone, but the jet is still there. Someone teasingly says My dad will have to come back for it. I ask the girl where her car is, she points to a blue car that is parked up near the house, some of it on the grass facing right. I drop the black bag by her car, and go to the bus so I can leave with my family.

I wake up with “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera.

(From Jan. 12, 2014)

I had to “go”, and not being around somewhere where I could, I let a small piece come out, knowing it was small enough that I could take care of it later.


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