Loosely filled in

I was sitting somewhere with Briana, but she was close by, deciding not to be my friend any longer because ?

There was a hole in the backyard that animals would fall into because it was loosely filled in. A horse had fallen in with its two front legs and head still out, so I grabbed the legs, making sure the horse knew I was there to help, then effortlessly pulled it out. I then looked down at the hole, then got closer to it, to see if I could see anything. I saw that the hole was actually a pool that had been filled in.

I was at a church function, and knew that Tom would be there (I had seen two of his sisters there.), and was excited to see him. I think I had told someone that I wanted to speak with him because later when he found me I assumed he would mention that I wanted to speak with him, but he did not. We sat on a couch and he looked homeless, and had gained 20 – 30 pounds. He was wearing khaki colored pants that were dirty, and stained in the back. His hair was a mess. A couple of his top front teeth were missing. He was telling someone his children were at their grandparents, his in – laws. I don’t know the situation with his wife. Figuring she had left him.

Some Polynesian ladies were putting treats on a paper bag. One of the ladies wasn’t too sure about hers because of the way it had turned out. I tried a piece, and spit it out because it was bitter. It was made from grasses. (Not bunking grass, I’m thinking this is my body’s way telling me to eat more nutritionally than I am now.)

A heavy man who these ladies had cleaned up earlier in the day had passed away.

I woke up with the Pretenders song “Middle of the Road” (those words) in my head.

(From Jan. 15, 2014)

I was posting certain types of pictures (ugly?) on tumblr.

One of the neighbors had stuffed poop down a drain, so it was making the house smell like urine.


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