It’s ok

(Night before, I asked if I have a Soulprint)

Kenny Rogers was having a Christmas Special. He and Bea Arthur came on stage singing a Christmas duet of a song he had written. I was concentrating more on her. She was wearing a long (mid-calf) black wool(?) coat. She had on black coat and her shoes were black loafers. The loafers had a line of pink on the soles, and a big bow of darker pink. I was noticing how big her feet were because of how tall she is. As she came to the middle of the stage, she twirled in a circle. There was dry ice behind her. I was thinking how beautiful and clear her voice was. Dolly Parton came out on the right side of the stage singing the last part of the song. The crowd was jubilant when she came out.

A woman was watching some children, of wealthy parents, in the evening while the parents went to an event. As one of the mothers came to pick up her child, she noticed another woman there who had been fired, and was now back. This mother gave a quizzical look, and the woman in charge gave a look that meant everything was o.k.

This wealthy mother had three bracelets she was going to wear to the event, but her child wanted to have them here where she was. The bracelets were a line of circular light green jade encircled in gold with a magnetic closure. When this mother came back, the bracelets were up on a white mantle, and the woman who had been rehired was looking at and touching them.

There was a party,during the day, going on outside. There were two porches, being connected by a concrete pathway. The inner porch was in a courtyard, and I believe there were trees, and greenery around parts of the edges. The people on the inside were cooking meat / chicken. I was on the outer porch and went over to the inner and grabbed a piece. The people didn’t mind, the cook, and perhaps one other person next to me, only one taking any kind of notice. I made a comment either about the size/ shape of the food, or that I had only taken one piece.

A woman gave her father a ring. (Took place in a mall?) It was one that went from bottom knuckle to middle knuckle. It was gold, but not solid. It looked like a web, or dream catcher. There was a line of small square diamonds on one of the edges. He was deciding which finger to put it on, not sure which because of having thick fingers (like a football player would have). His first thought was to put it on his wedding finger, but he already had one there. Seems he concluded by putting it on his right middle finger. As an observer, I looked at the case the ring came in (shaped more like for a bracelet / watch than a ring) and saw a price of $5. As I looked closer, I saw that was the price for something to the effect of having it sized, cleaned, or such. I then saw a price of $39. I sensed this was the price, but with those diamonds, that price must’ve been for something else because these people didn’t look the type to be giving low price gifts.


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