Where is it?

I was teaching a Sunday school class. The classroom was barely the shape of a rectangle. The door was in the lower right, on the right wall. There were about five chairs lined up against the wall on the right, and about five chairs about five feet from the back wall, going left to right. There was a small (size of a baby) rectangular table in upper left corner with my stuff(?) on it. I was standing back by the door, attempting to get Allison (who was sitting in the row of chairs to the left of me, in the chair closest me) to say where she was in birth order of her family (there were 10). She didn’t want to say. A brother of hers was sitting in the same row, but in the chair to the left, closest to the wall. He was wearing the same coat as Bea Arthur. There were a couple of visitors in the class.

This week we had church at a stake center instead of the local chapel. After church I was looking for Ali’s car (I had driven his. It was small shaped, like a Smart car.) I couldn’t find it. I kept going back and forth, all over the parking lot looking for it. I went to the front, thinking I had parked it there since I had gotten there early. Not there. There were some people, including a man, questioning me / said they hadn’t seen it / helped me search. Finally, when there were only a handful of cars left, I saw it parked in the back left corner.

A family were filling cardboard boxes, getting ready to move. The brother of the husband / father of the family moving, frustrated with his own life, stabbed a box with a shiny sword, then fell to the ground. The brother (one moving) came over to talk with him.

(From Jan. 22, 2014)

A lady from church, who lived in Lake Arrowhead, was selling her house, and Priscilla Presley wanted to buy it. (Which is true to a point. Priscilla decided not to buy.) Priscilla was ready to pay more than asking. The woman selling then pointing out things that were wrong with the house. I then mentioned this to a guy and girl, and said, Isn’t this like how we are with ourselves? Someone wants to “buy”, but then we come up with all these faults of ours.”

A blonde guy was in a relationship, and I asked him if he had told her that he had a child. I then saw the child in an orphanage(?) in Mexico(?), outside playing around with the other children, with his shirt off. I sensed a commotion starting to happen, as if everyone were needing to leave.

I was watching a cartoon of a wealthy older woman (60’s / 70’s) at a party. She was wearing a long blue gown, with the right side of the top portion open, showing her full profile of her breast (it was the shape of a 20-30 year old). She was walking toward some steps with another man, being stern with him. Her husband was talking to some other people, saying that she’s a nice person, but just bossy. I was thinking how I was surprised this woman’s breast would be shown in a cartoon.

A man was snuggling up to me, and I started kissing him on the right side of his neck. I could smell a stink from him, so I backed off.

This man had an empty backyard. There was only dirt.

(From Jan. 21, 2014)