Wilhelm, and a couple other people, were sitting at a table / piano with some music sheets of  some hymns, and about three hymn books that we’re open. They were singing a hymn that I knew, and knew it would be in the books, so I went over and told them it was listed. I took one book, and looking in the “S” section where it should be, it wasn’t. I thought that odd since I knew it should be there. One of the other books that someone had picked up, the pages were coming away from the binding.

There was music, and dancing going on behind them, but they were not paying attention.

There was a tall (I’m thinking no more than 6′), big (perhaps 50 lbs over), holding a sleeping baby on / over his shoulder. His mom came to dance, and at first wasn’t going to dance with him, but decided, sure, why not.

(Ali’s dream)

I was on a stage, wearing a colorful skirt that went to about my knees, and I was showing off my legs, swinging the front part of my skirt side to side. People were taking pictures, asking what I did to get my legs like that. I told them it was from walking. They also asked what foods I ate, but Ali couldn’t hear because of the crowd. the crowd didn’t notice him, but he was noticing everything. I said I was thirsty, and asked him to get me a raspberry lemonade (I don’t care much for raspberry; it would be my last choice.). He wondered why someone there didn’t get me a glass of water. After, I walked away with him. I was barefoot.

(I started posting this yesterday, but the computer heated up and died.)

A building, shaped like a horseshoe magnet, with the opening to the left. It looked like apartments / condos for the wealthy. The middle portion of the building on “top” had a silvery shine to it. This section belonged to a famous person, think only in the dream, who lived there and turned part of the inside into a museum. (I didn’t go in, so I don’t know what he had.) On the outside of the building, he had a handful profile portraits / drawings / paintings of the head of Joseph Smith (with a two other people). These were large enough to cover at least one story, and possibly two. Someone asked him why he had these of Joseph on his building. The owner replied basically something like, what’s the big deal? These are my works of art.

The pathway in the middle of these buildings, was a little girl, about 4-5 yrs old (almost, but not quite, but pretty close, to being as bubbly as Shirley Temple), with brunette hair the length somewhere between the bottom of her head, to the top of her shoulders. She was playing with a horse that was there, running to the steps in front of the building (of the famous man), then running back down to the horse.

There was a lady music conductor with some other white horses, standing in front of them (they were facing to the left), waving her wand, getting them ready to sing. They were paying more attention to the little girl than the conductor.

There was an older man, about 50-ish, who had come home from work, who lived in the “bottom” portion of the building on one of the upper levels. He sat in his chair, which was situated on the left side of the room, facing away from me, at an angle to the right. He asked his wife if she would turn on the fan that was behind him. She gingerly walked to the door, in front of him, in the center, and turned on a fan that was there instead. The air reached the whole room, but that isn’t the one he wanted turned on. He then was sitting in a chair on the right that was in the back of the room, behind him. He then mentioned, to ?, that if that was how she was going to be, he might as well divorce her. The kitchen was to the right of him, his wife in the kitchen hearing this, and shrugged it off, not really caring if that was what was going to happen.


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