Awareness / Awakening

Conscious(ness) awareness / awakening …. The night before, I felt a slight jolt / shock / connection to / with my heart, I then automatically opened my eye for a second, then felt as if I was going to receive some information. Interesting.

a young boy wanted to be excused from the table where some of us were sitting. There were two men sitting across from him, one of them giving a reason why the boy wanted to leave (we were going to play a card game? He was going to do something with cards?). I then asked this man, out of curiosity, if he was the father and he said no.

A group of us, young adults comprising guys and girls, found a lake that one of the girls hadn’t known was there even though this was where she lived. We went jogging around it and saw some squirrels (either I did say, or wanted to say, that they look a little bit different(coloring) from ones I and Ali see), and some baby raccoons / badgers (the ones with the white mask).

One if the guys I put my left arm next to his, touching. While dreaming, I was thinking it was so he could learn from my steps, but then I could’ve been learning from his. I looked down at our feet / steps.

Back at the home of the girl who didn’t  know about the lake (slender, tall, blonde), announced that she had gotten pregnant within the last day or two. She had taken a test (home?), and was going to have another one just to make sure. She was enthusiastic about it. At one point while she was walking, she rubbed her belly.

She picked up something heavy, and I thought, when I saw this, that pregnant women were not supposed to pick up anything heavy because of the chance of miscarrying.

I was standing in a bathroom by the tub (to my left), and noticed the tub and floor were dirty. There were some ants crawling around. Either I said, or wanted to say, the reason the ants were there was because of the dirtiness.


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