It’s free

Mom was asleep in a certain part of a house. There was a small tidal wave going up and over in that room. Someone mentioned that she was in there, and we hurried to get her out. After getting her out, the water cleared. (This is the best I know how to describe this.) At a park with a group of people. Mark is there. There are some bronze statues of people, connected to a pole beneath them, in the middle of different actions. One of the statues was of a person whose name was a variation of the word … Continue reading It’s free

Who Are You?

(From Jan. 31, 2014) I was in an apartment by a window, with open vertical white blinds, looking outside. I was looking down, and saw a woman sitting on a (iron?) bench below. She was wearing shades. She smiled, she moved. Did she see me? I hear music playing. I walked over to where it was and looked down to see what the song was. It was an old-time player. An 8-track? I then went into the bedroom where everything there was white. We had money, so we had a small hallway of closets leading to the bathroom. I am … Continue reading Who Are You?