It’s free

Mom was asleep in a certain part of a house. There was a small tidal wave going up and over in that room. Someone mentioned that she was in there, and we hurried to get her out. After getting her out, the water cleared. (This is the best I know how to describe this.)

At a park with a group of people. Mark is there. There are some bronze statues of people, connected to a pole beneath them, in the middle of different actions. One of the statues was of a person whose name was a variation of the word alchemy.

There are some small cast sculptures of some black ducks.

Mark tells me that the duck figures we had seen, on a previous occasion, were now painted. They were located near the edge of the park. When we got there, they were missing. We were stumped as to why they were gone. It was almost as if they were never there.

There were some white ducks, with several black feathers,  walking around. They had a red beak with “bubbles”. The lower of the beak protruded out a bit farther than the top. I wanted to take a picture of them, and remembering that I had forgotten the camera, I used my (4th gen) iPod, and took a video of them.

Me, Mark, and someone else (didn’t see, but sense them there) were lying on the grass. There was someone else’s baby ( year old?) between me and Mark. She had strawberry blondish hair. She was sitting up, leaning against a rock(?), closing her eyes. I rubbed her stomach, telling her we would let her sleep, but she wasn’t able to. Mark had his back toward us. I asked the baby who he was, and she didn’t know. I didn’t want to say his name, figuring he was asleep. The baby was speaking little words here and there, and then said to me that I should get a bra because they’re free. Mark then surprised, taken aback, repeated, “they’re free.” I then thought to myself, that oh, he is awake.


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